Why have we decided to provide charging stations for electric cars from ABL, KEBA & ICU?


Again and again, we're asked why we offer charging stations from the manufacturers ABL, KEBA and ICU. What are our reasons? In the following, we would like to provide you with a brief explanation. First things first: we have been responding to the charging needs of electric cars and the charging behaviour of electric car owners throughout Europe since 2009. As a neutral supplier, we like to offer you the best possible products by basing our choices on our own experience.

Why a charging station from KEBA?
With KEBA, we're putting our confidence in an established player in the market. The impressive sales figures for KEBA demonstrate that this company's products have already proved themselves to be popular in the market. Furthermore, KEBA is the preferred cooperation partner for wallboxes from Daimler. Thanks to the Z.E. Ready certification, the KEBA wallbox is also ideal for use with Renault vehicles. With the EVSE ICE Bucket Challenge, KEBA has also proved that their charging stations can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. A further advantage is that the charging power is easy to configure. The charging power from the charging station can be easily adapted during use to match the underlying electrical installation supplying it. Our article will explain to you why this is so important: What you need to watch out for if installing a charging station at your home.

Why wallboxes from ABL Sursum?

ABL Sursum has also achieved impressive product sales in the market and supplies the preferred charging stations for use with VW vehicles. All ABL wallboxes, up to the 11 kW version, are already fitted with an integrated Type A FI and a sensor which detects any residual electrical currents. This means that an additional FI switch is no longer required in the electrical installation. To find out why this is relevant, see our installation tips for charging stations for electric cars. Mobile versions of the charging station which can be easily connected to industrial electric sockets are also available. Thanks to the standard communication interfaces, it will also be possible to use the ABL charging station with additional, future products.


Why wallboxes from ICU?
ICU comes from the Netherlands, where the electromobility market has already become something of a trailblazer. The ICU charging stations stand out in the market due to their intelligent and smart charging solutions, but come at a considerable cost, however, and are therefore primarily aimed at commercial customers. The advantages you can offer your employees by providing them with a charging station in the workplace, or the advantages that your company can offer customers through such solutions, can be found here.

3 established manufacturers who are innovatively promoting electric mobility
All three manufacturers are established in the market and will continue to promote electric mobility in the long-term. This is particularly important in view of future warranty requirements, software updates or the supply of spare parts.
In the first wave of electromobility hype a few years ago, large numbers of companies offering charging stations suddenly appeared in the market. A few years later, however, these companies disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. From our point of view it is therefore extremely important to work with a reliable and innovative partner who will remain in the market in the long-term.