Billing service @work (only available in Germany)

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24.99 €
Incl. 19% Tax
24.99 €
Incl. 19% Tax
  • Billing service @work for € 14.90 a month (incl. 19% VAT)
  • The basic fee includes billing for one charging station and 3 users. Further charging stations and users can be added for an extra fee
  • You can differentiate between free and paying users
  • Billing per kilowatt-hour for employees charging private electric cars on the company’s premises
  • Automatic monthly reimbursement of electricity costs incurred through charging of private electric cars to the company's bank account
  • Compilation and visualisation of charging data in The Mobility House's customer portal via the company’s own log-in account
  • Only available in combination with a charging station from ICU
  • [email protected] is currently only available within Germany, further countries will follow soon
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Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks


Why do I need the billing service @work from The Mobility House and how does it work?
The billing service @work gives you a constant overview of all charging operations and the power consumption at your charging stations on your company premises. As well as electric cars in your fleet, you can also authorise guests and employees to charge their vehicles at the company charging stations. In this way, you as a company can easily bill your employees for the incurred power costs for charging private electric cars, without having to worry about non-cash benefits, electricity tax or internal company regulations (e.g. preferential treatment for employees with electric cars through the free provision of power).

The Mobility House transfers the power costs incurred by private use to your company each month. At the same time, the power costs are collected by direct debit from the accounts of the users who are due to pay. The monthly basic fee of € 12.52 (net) is collected automatically by direct debit from the company account.

The basic fee for the billing service @work includes the payment for one charging station and three users. The following additional costs will be incurred per month for every additional charging station and every additional user (that can be created at any time):

Additional monthly cost per extra charging station: € 6.30 (excl. 19% VAT)

Additional monthly cost per extra user: € 2.44 (excl. 19% VAT)

One-off activation fee per new user, including personal RFID card: € 6.30 (excl. 19% VAT)


You can find detailed information about the billing service @work from The Mobility House on our website. There you can also find out exactly how the billing service @work functions and how you can benefit from the service, both as a company car driver and also as a company.

Is there a way to access the customer portal that compiles and visualises all charging operations, without the need to book the billing service?
No, at the moment we are offering this as a complete package.

To order the billing service @work:

Choose one of the following ICU charging stations and place both the charging station and billing service @work in your shopping basket.
As well as the order confirmation, you will then receive an e-mail with your personal access data to the customer portal of The Mobility House. You can use the portal to store your company data and to manage your charging stations and users.
You must enter the bank details for your company and for every user who is due to pay, and also upload an SEPA direct debit mandate.
If we do not receive an SEPA direct debit mandate from the user in question, it will not be possible to charge the power costs and therefore to refund them to you.
Your fleet electric cars, your employees and your guests can charge at any of your charging stations as soon as they are installed and you have received the respective RFID cards. We shall send them to you separately.
The charging data is compiled in the customer portal as soon as we have set it up for you. That happens as soon as you have stored all the relevant data in the customer portal.
The incurred power costs of the users who are due to pay are refunded automatically to the company account on a monthly basis.


The contract for the billing service @work is valid for 12 months.
With the billing service @work, you enter into a 12-month contractual relationship with TMH. The contract begins as soon as everything has been set up for you in the system and the charging station has been installed. You can terminate the contract up to one month prior to the end of the contract term. Otherwise, the contract is extended automatically by another 12 months. You can find further details in our General Terms and Conditions.


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