DC wallbox (24kW, CCS or CHAdeMO, SIM, RFID)

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11,999.00 €
Incl. 19% Tax, incl. Shipping Cost within GER & AUT
11,999.00 €
Incl. 19% Tax, incl. Shipping Cost within GER & AUT
  • Now you can charge your BMW i3, VW e-Golf and Nissan Leaf at ten times the speed of your usual domestic socket
  • Protected access via RFID - perfect for private and semi-public spaces
  • Full flexibility with type 2 socket enables the charging of different electric cars (e.g. VW e-Golf or Nissan Leaf)
  • Recommended for hotels & restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centres and filling stations
  • In order to use the DC charging station intelligently, you will need The Mobility House's billing service
  • Monthly additional costs for the Billing Service @home (+6,90 €/month) and Billing Service @work (from +14,90 €/month) (for several charging stations, there are surcharges)
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All the information you need at a glance:

  1. An overview of the benefits of a DC charging station compared with an AC charging station
  2. Why is the DC charging station so expensive?
  3. Basic features and information on installation
  4. Electric cars that are compatible with the DC charging station


1. An overview of the benefits of a DC charging station

Reduce the charging process to a fraction of what was previously required, with up to 24 kW and maximum safety: the added value of the DC charging station compared with a normal AC wallbox.

With our DC charging station (direct current charging station) you can now charge your VW e-Golf, Nissan Leaf or BMW i3, for example, at home with up to 24 kW – achieving 10 times the speed of traditional domestic sockets.
In AC charging, your electric car's on-board charger converts alternating current into direct current and stores the energy in the battery. This charger's charging power differs model by model, and is very low in some instances – such as with the BMW i3 with 3.7 kW in the basic version – meaning that long downtimes and charging times are required. That's not the case with our DC charging station: here, the charger is already integrated into the charging station, and the car is charged immediately with direct current. The DC charging station and the electric car communicate via the CCS or CHAdeMO protocol.

Rapid-charge stations with direct current have previously only been available in public areas. With The Mobility House, you can now also reap the advantages of short charging times at home or in your company.
The high charging power of up to 24 kW means you can fully recharge your electric car very quickly. For example, the time needed to charge the VW e-Golf or Nissan Leaf at home – which is around seven hours with a traditional charging station – falls to just under an hour.

What areas is a DC charging station suitable for?
If you constantly have to rely on short charging times, our DC charging station is an essential piece of kit. You will now be able to achieve the full range within a very short period of time, even during the day. Our DC charging stations will in particular make your day-to-day work easier if you work in fleet operation or logistics, with significant distances travelled per day. Downtimes are reduced and your electric car's cost-efficiency increases. But individuals can also reap the full benefits of a short charging time. You no longer need to adjust your day-to-day life to your electric car. Instead, you have won back a great deal of range, even after very short downtimes. Restrictions due to long charging times are a thing of the past, and you can even leave the engine-powered car in the garage more often.

Our DC charging station will enable you to create a unique selling point in the hotel and restaurant industry. Your customers will be able to recharge their electric car more quickly than elsewhere while they visit your business. Customers will prioritise your hotel or restaurant in future, so that they can gain more range in a very short period of time. Take advantage of our POI service and make the most of your rapid-charge station.


2. Why is the DC charging station so expensive?

Why is there such a significant price difference between the two systems?
At first glance, there is a significant price difference between AC and DC charging stations. The main difference is due to the integrated rectifier, which our DC charging station uses to charge the battery of your electric car independently of your on-board charger. However, the DC wallbox is significantly cheaper than the DC charging stations that are currently widely used. Our DC charging station has a compact design and is intended for wall installation. Its design makes installation easier and enables you to save on costs, for example for digging work or creating foundations.


3. Basic features and information on installation

SIM card – Enabling you to use your charging station intelligently
Your DC charging station can be connected to a back-end system using a SIM card. This makes features such as the TMH billing service possible, and gives you a constant overview of the commercial use of your electric car. It also enables you to allocate electricity costs to employees if necessary.

The Mobility House offers three backend systems:

  • Billing Service @home (so that as a company car driver, you can have electricity costs automatically reimbursed by your employer)
  • Billing Service @work (so that as a company, you can bill your employees for electricity used for charging electric cars for personal use)
  • Billing Service @public (so you can provide a public, fee-based charging option for other electric car drivers, and earn money in the process)

The RFID lock function – Protect your account against third-party access
With the RFID lock function, you can ensure that your account is only used by people you have authorised. First, you have to use the charging cable to connect your electric car and use the RFID charging card to activate the DC charging station – only then will electricity start to flow. The RFID function is particularly sought-after in publicly accessible areas.

The DC charging station – A complete package to meet your needs
We offer a choice of the two most widely used rapid-charge systems – CHAdeMO and CCS. As well as the convenience provided by short charging times, our charging station also offers many additional features. The integrated LCD display, for example, not only makes it easier for you to operate the charging system, but also – combined with the compact charging station design – creates an appealing aesthetic.

Installing the DC charging station – What do you need to bear in mind?
The DC charging station must be installed and set up by a trained and certified electrician. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for installing the DC wallbox in your preferred location.


4. Electric cars that are compatible with the DC charging station:

Colour White-Blue & Grey
Product dimensions (wxhxd) 302 x 798 x 478 mm (ohne Kabel)
Weight 65 kg
Installation variations Wall mount
Rated current 62 A
Charging power 24 kW
Voltage 300-460 V
Communication in acc. with IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-23, Mode 4
Plug type CCS (in acc. with ICE 61851-1) und CHAdeMO (in acc. with ICE 61851-23)
Protection components (RCCB) Required in installation: RCCB , type A with EV DC detection or FI type B
Standards & directives Directives: 2006/95/EC / 2004/108/EC / 93/68/EC | Standards: CISPR11 Class A / CEI 61000-3-11 / CEI 61000-3-12, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC15118-1 / IEC15118-2 / IEC15118-3 / DIN70121 / J1772 / CHAdeMO / GB
Degree of protection IP54 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
Storage & operating temperature #br#(no direct sunlight), #br#permitted relative humidity -20°C to 40°C, 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Access protection RFID (Standard: Mifare)
DC fault current detection -
Delivery includes Charging station, instruction manual
Energy meter MID-approved, suitable for billing
Suitable vehicles
This charging station is suitable for following electric cars:
Manuel d'installation IES Synergy Keywatt DC-Wallbox (24 kW, RFID, SIM) | The Mobility House - FR
Manuel Utilisateur IES Synergy Keywatt DC-Wallbox (24 kW, RFID, SIM) | The Mobility House - FR
Data Sheet IES Synergy Keywatt DC-Wallbox (24 kW, RFID, SIM) | The Mobility House - EN
User Manual IES Synergy Keywatt DC-Wallbox (24 kW, RFID, SIM) | The Mobility House - EN

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