Billing service @public (only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

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  • Providing a charging station to other electric car drivers for no-cost charging
  • Once you've received the charging station, just register online in the be.ENERGISED Community. Then set a tariff, accept the contract, and earn money
  • Electric car drivers can charge easily using their charging card (e.g. Intercharge), or they can use a QR code scanner and pay with PayPal without needing to register in advance
  • Automatic monthly billing and reimbursement of charging costs with no administrative expense
  • Free software makes it easy to manage your own charging station
  • Marketing the charging station on public platforms
  • Perfect for hotels, supermarkets, car parks and other locations
  • Available in combination with a charging station with OCPP 
  • The billing service @public is currently only available in Germany and Austria; further countries will follow soon
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Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks


Why do I need the billing service @public?

The billing service @public makes you part of the be.ENERGISED Community and means you can promote electric mobility by approving your charging station for use by other electric car drivers. Your help helps to grow the charging network for electric cars and makes this type of car more suitable for day-to-day use. At the same time, you can use your equipment to earn money – and you decide how much you want to make.  

How the billing service @public works:

The be.ENERGISED online platform enables you to manage your charging station and make it available to other electric car drivers at no cost. All monthly billing is completed for you automatically. You just need to register and make the charging station available. You can also register up to 10 RFID charging cards for no-cost charging.

When you buy the billing service @public, you commit to making the charging station publicly available to other electric car drivers. If the charging station is located in your garage, might the billing service @home or @work be the right option for you?

How many charging stations can I register?

You can order and register one charging station with the billing service @public. If you want to operate more than one charging station, you are welcome to inquire individually with us.

How do I set the tariff and how much do I actually get?

When you register, you will be asked to agree to the general terms and conditions and select your tariff from a list. (the operating agreement relating to the be.ENERGISED Community (billing service @public) provides an overview of all tariffs). The tariff you have selected is effective as soon as you have registered in the system.

You just decide how many euros you would like to charge per hour for the use of the charging station, regardless of how the electric car driver registers to your charging station and pays. On the first day of the following month, you receive a list of all the charging processes and fees gathered at your charging station. These are paid out to your account by bank transfer within 20 calendar days.

You can charge a car cost-free with your personal RFID cards (max. 10 cards)

Here are two examples for clarification:

1. An electric car driver pays using his charging card, or directly with PayPal via the mobile app without advance registration:
Your tariff: The electric car driver pays €5 net per hour (MC_T_500)
For each charging process, you receive €3.75 net per hour at the end of the month.
Billing is precise to the minute. However, the end customer must always pay a minimum fee. For a €5 tariff, the minimum fee is €2.25.

2. An electric car driver uses one of your personal RFID cards:
The electric car driver charges his car at no cost. No fees are calculated.

How can other electric car drivers find my charging station and where are the stations listed?

The location of your charging station including the tariff and other details is published on the following platforms/charging networks:

How do I register my charging station to the be.ENERGISED Community?

  • Order an ICU Ladestation together with the billing service @public via our online shop
  • You receive the charging station with a QR code already attached, and one RFID charging card for each station charging point that the owner uses at no cost (ICU Eve is delivered with two RFID cards and ICU Eve Mini is delivered with one RFID charging card)
  • Open the link:
  • Enter the charging point ID (you can find this on the QR code sticker on the charging station)
  • Enter your basic details and bank information, as well as the location of the charging station
  • Set the price per hour (tariff) for electric car drivers and you're set
  • Once you have successfully registered, you receive your personal access details by email

When can I add additional RFID charging cards for no-cost charging?

Additional RFID-Ladekarten are available from us in our The Mobility House online shop. We will then register the charging cards for you. Please note that a maximum of 10 RFID charging cards can be registered for no-cost charging. If you order the RFID charging cards later, please provide the charging point ID in the comments field. This will enable us to allocate the RFID charging cards to your charging station (you can find the charging point ID on the QR code sticker on the charging station).

Betriebsvertrag be.ENERGISED Community (Abrechnungsservice @public)
So funktioniert die Abrechnung bei der be.ENERGISED Community (Abrechnungsservice @public)

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